Open Well-Being

june 4, 2013

Open Being brings a sense of what - prior to the concept of safety - is totally whole and indivisable. (Un)safety belongs to the apparent separate form, the imaginable identity of the dream figure you thought you were. Realization of Being relaxes the mind deeply… the dream becomes calm.

In conscious present Being the following perceptions might occur… Sit in a way that doesn't take effort. Be quiet and listen. Feel your body in this listening and realize that, just like the sounds from your surrounding, the body happens in this listening.

Explore whether there are boundaries in this listening. Just let be what is tense or otherwise asks for attention, and recognize the openness in which the dynamic of the body happens.

Observe that in the sense of spaciousness the notions of big and small drop away. What stays is a wonderful sense of proportion-less present Being.

This direct, im-mediate Being is benevolent for what is called the body. What was in contraction surrenders and relaxes back in a palpable open well-being.

What may go on protesting is not a problem any more in this impersonal Being. Realization of this Open Well-Being finishes the investing in what, as a person, seemed responsible for life.

In Stillness it is clear that Life is time-less and the same as this open Being, this Presence which is conscious of being present. In this receptive Being is patience and affinity, also for the protesting and rebellious remnants of habit and attitude.

This open Well-Being knows no death… it is indivisable, timelessly the living Life… the Knowing. This wondrous Being is also called the non-dual I-principle, the I which - imponderably - is not an object or a separate identity.

What does it mean, that I is imponderable? In order to think about something you need an object. The non-dual I-principle is not an object or thing… it is That, which - prior to everything - is indescribable and undividable, and can never be an object of Itself.

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