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True Nature

December 26, 2017

In the search for happiness, peace and fulfilment, attention is directed to something that will happen with 'me' - the identity. The identity is seen as a separate form, an appearance in space. Enlightenment is seen as something that will happen to the describable identity, something that will bring peace.

It seems as if the happening will change 'me', that something will be added to 'me', after which 'I' will be happy. Attention is directed outward, to the future, to someone who will say the liberating words, to an imaginary place where it will happen.

Space seems to be outside, around the 'I'. This 'I' seems an object in space, an object between other objects. We call this phenomenon identification, and it is exemplary for how consciousness identifies with appearances in the mind. Every time there is the central idea of 'I', with clothes itself with describable characteristics and is situated in and between imaginable circumstances. Mind suffocates in its own creation… a psychological imagination in which the 'I' doesn't find space to live.

Space is in Consciousness

Direct experience, however, proves the exact opposite: space is an appearance ín Consciousness… and in Realizing Consciousness all ideas about inside, outside, above, below, distance and separation evaporate.

When you sit still, with open eyes, without looking at something in particular, explore where perceiving ends and the surroundings begin. You will notice that Perceiving isn't happening just visually, yet takes place much broader - and earlier - from your Being… Being is Perceiving. Taste if you really can find a border between perceiving and 'the outer world'.

In childhood we inherit conditionings and learn to answer expectations to get approval (space). We learn to describe everything and store the descriptions as a reference book, so we know what something is when we encounter it. If there is something unfamiliar, we try to understand it, to add the meaning to the reference book.

Identity and Projection

An aspect of Awakening is the discovery that perceiving happens from the collected and stored ideas and concepts. We don't see the Truthfulness of something that appears, we see the projected meaning. This phenomenon of projection takes place from the objectified identity.

The separate self - identification, or a psychological cramp - generates disturbing thoughts. Resistance arises to the projected world and everything gets tense… 'me' trying to keep itself safe and intact.

Awakening is the realization that you are not the describable, psychological self, not the thinkable me-form… but the un-thinkable open Consciousness. This Openness is direct, without the intervention of something. It is also called God, Brahman, the creative Source, True Nature. It is what you always are - prior to everything, and cannot ever not be it. You also cannot become it, because you already are It.

This revelation brings a sense of direct Spaciousness. However, this isn't the physical space like we know in the relativ world. Perhaps therefore Peace or Stillness are better words. Spaciousness has no size nor proportions, no beginnings nor end, and is a time-less and age-less Presence.


If you look around you in the world - without the conditioning and identifications - you see Truthfulness in everything. This Truthfulness is your True Nature of Light… you see That from which you look.

Awakening doesn't mean that you become somebody else. You could say that the Light that you are pierces through, and realization of the holy Spirit happens. It turns out that the content of the mind - above all - was determind by mis-identification with the describable self.

How you experience the world, and come across in de world, can change, because the projecting stops, yust like the reacting to the projections. The attitude in the world relaxes and the peace of being home is the basis in which the world is welcome. Everything takes place in an open ground of Oneness.

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