The Window - Openness

juli 15, 2012

Imagine a window… the space on this side of the window we call 'inside', the space behind the window 'outside'. The separation between in and out is suggested by the glass pane.

Imagine that the window is open… the pane between 'inside' and 'outside' isn't there anymore. Can you now say where 'within' stops and 'without' begins?

Imagine that the wall around the opening of the window is broken down… where is the window; is the opening gone… is the opening of the window something else than universal Openness?

See the window as a metaphor for the self, and the wall around the window as metaphor for the self-image, built from concepts, experiences, memories and judgements.

Just like walls suggest a window, the self-image seems to imply a 'me'. Just like the window is a temporary pointer to timeless Openness, the temporary 'me' points to truthfulness which is before everything the Ground of everything.

Attention is obsessed with 'matter', which - from identification with a self image - is completely logical, because safety seems to depend on it. This obsession ends in realizing Openness.

Openness of one window isn't something else than Openness of another window… Openness is universal. Attachment to the matter of a self image determines the 'outlook' and what you see.

Openness is there before walls are, when walls form a house, and also when the house is gone… The walls appear ín Openness… Openness is not limited by walls.

Just as walls with windows suggest a safe place, similarly the 'matter' of the self image implies a spiritual house, in which an occupant seems to dwell.

The conviction, that the 'spiritual inhabitant', suggested by the spiritual walls, truly exists as a separate form, calls for the need to fortify 'the spiritual house'.

The walls of this house (identity) are erected every morning unconsciously and mechanically, to perpetuate safety for a 'me' that needs protection.

The spiritual inhabitant comes and goes, is born and dies, every morning, every night… is Awareness an object subject to birth and death, or direct - immediate - Openness?

The spiritual occupant is Openness, or Consciousness forgetting her truthfulness of indescribable Stillness that learns to imagine itself as an imaginable form. This illusion is 're-incarnated' every moment through frantically maintaining the walls of 'my identity'.

As long as you imagine yourself as a separate entity, there will seem to be a separation between inner and outer… resulting in loneliness, fear, and a battle to be able to be.

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