XVI - The Tower… End of the delusion

The Tower

march 4, 2012

The Tower is a Tarot-card that symbolizes the metaphorical breaking open of the ego-mind. This 'breaking open' is not an activity, but a spontaneous happening of Light… a realization of Truth.

The constructed identity is the human image, which is handed down by family, culture and religion… this falls apart. What you thought you were falls away, or is seen through as an illusion. This can be quite a shock or disillusion, until recognition of Being really pierces through.

When this Light of living Love touches you… if you get caught by truthfulness… you don't want anything else. there is recognition of the yearning for this being Home.

There's also the willingness to throw everything in the Fire… name, gender, status, age, position, role… there's no running away from it… what you thought you were falls away… there isn't a someone who can hold on to something. Ego-activity may protest, but the idea of separation dissolves: Consciousness 'alone' is.

All 'rituals' and daily activities are in service to being Home inwardly. Then there is the realization that you are always Home… as this one Being… as Life - Love - Light… 'Being in the world' relaxes and starts to glow. inside and outside are seen as concepts; the world is consciousness.

Patterns and biological or psychological heritages stop being a hindrance. The weight of them is recognized as projection. this came from identification with the separate self, which was looking for value and meaning, convinced that power and control would bring that about.

In the breaking open 'the others' are recognized as this same one Light… this same one Self. Suddenly there's true acceptance of fate… protest is seen through, the hunger for meaning drops.

In stead of wanting to change circumstances or a state of consciousness, Being stays aware of Itself… there is 'just' this being aware… simply this open Awareness.

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