The Seeker

The Archetypal Seeker

December 18, 2009

The collective sub-conscious is a nice concept through which insight in phenomena is possible. The concept doesn't actually exist, but becomes visible in human behavior.

An interesting aspect of this underlayer is the Seeker. The sense of being identifies with this archetypal figure. A 'me' seems to look for something… for luck, wellbeing, wealth, possession, status, importance. It may evolve into the search for peace, rest, spirituality, God…

During the search lots of stuff will be handed down from what seems the outer world, to be able to create peace in the inner world. Sometimes peace will be noticed for a while, when something is found. Attention falls back in inner Peace, but the mind claims the rest as being a result of finding something. After a while the new becomes the usual and searching continues.

Eventually the search turns out to be based on confusion in 'the underlayer of the sub-conscious'. The seeker is built from belief in one thought: I don't know where and who I am. Consciousness realizes to be searching for itself.

Where suggests location: form (I) is always related to a surrounding. Who points to a describable identity. Consciousness (the Light prior to time) has no location and is indescribable. Being looks for a destiny in many spheres, used to search as an I-form in a world of forms. All forms and spheres are temporary, apparent manifestations of the one Mystery of Truth.

Confusion is a collective state. It rises when the sense of being believes everything coming behind 'I am'. Tension, as a result of identities fighting with each other, initiates the search. Noticing the Stillness in confusion brings recognition of full Emptiness, where Origin and Destiny is one.

This realization disarms all convictions and makes aware of the unmoving in which all movement takes place. The sense of being relaxes back into what is not identity but the one Light. The seeker discovers other archetypes, like helper, saint, preacher, imposter, protector. Temporary identities dissolve in the recognition of the One in the Play of the Many.

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