The Being that is always Home

september 22, 2020

An important effect of identifying with the body, the mind, a spiritual form, or a separate self, is the fearful unrest created by it. With every self-description comes a collection of conditionings, habits, programmings, codes of conduct, expectations and conditions one has to obey.

Forms are temporary and spiritual activity is based on time. From identification with the form it seems like you are in development, on a path where that development takes place, and that you must do the developing.

This conditioning brings fear… fear that you will get off the path, that you will not know your destination, that others will notice that, that you will be led astray…

The idea that you are a separate form is persistent. The foundation of that is a painful conviction… you are a somebody with consciousness, a form which is conscious… as if the form has consciousness.

Consciousness in Itself

Awakening brings the realisation that you are not the form which is conscious… you are Consciousness in Itself… the Awareness, and that Awareness is direct, prior to time. When this revelation permeates the mind deeply, there comes the realisation that Awareness is indivisible, singular, and that consciousness cannot be developed.

Then there is the insight that Consciousness is the same as Being, and that this wonderful Directness comes from nowhere and goes nowhere… that this oneness of Being and Consciousness is the same as Peace, the Peace that surpases all understanding. This Peace is the Being that is always Home.

This conscious-being is unconditional, knows neither judgement, expectation nor demand, because there is nothing else. A mind activity devides everything into a me that perceives and something else that is perceived. From ideas about 'me' and about 'how it should be' it goes in resistance to 'how it thinks things are'.

In Openness everything comes home

In this Being that is always Home, this Peace, everything is welcome. Everything that is being touched by It falls back in silent Awareness. In this way you can also be open patiently to everything that presents itself inside, so the habit, the ellegation, resistance, grieve or conditioning is embraced by what you truly are… Awareness.

The Light of Awareness pervades that to which you are open in silence, causing it to invalidate and surrender. The mind activity is set at rest and realizes the Being that is always Home.

This reassuring happens by itself, from the dearness of your true Nature, in silent, open Awareness. Along with the dropping away of the idea of the separate 'me' which has to develop itself, fear and effort also fall away, and there is humour and patience in which the relative process of the mind has ample space and is guided with love.

There is no more 'me' which arduously has to find its way and struggles to find its destiny. The path turns out to be This, now here… This, now here, where Origin and Destiny are one, in Being that is timelessly Home.

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