heaven and hell.

Heaven and Hell

may 13, 2012

Usually heaven is seen as a place or sphere where peace reigns and a person comes to rest, is happy and lives forever. One might get there through good behavior. Hell is imagined as a space or atmosphere where people serve time as a result of bad behavior or are banned forever.

The notions heaven and hell correlate with the concepts good and bad, reward and punishment, god and devil. These conceptual imaginings form the reference points of the separated self… they dissolve in the realization of direct Being. Being is here now… as true Nature, or the one Self. Nothing can be added to or taken from It and sometimes It is called Kingdom of God.

This objectless Awareness is what always shines as the Light. In this Light forms are recognized as projections of thoughts… which, in their turn are seen as Consciousness. Believe in the person or unique identity as a real form disappears, leaving the ideas heaven and hell obsolete.

Direct Being is what stays when the do-er in the dream is seen through as a thought, which gets animated in time. 'I' and 'world' are recognized as a mental activity. Waking, dream and sleep are projections from the I-thought.

The worlds are projections that are unconsciously created from clinging tot the I-thought. The original sin is believe in the I-thought… Knowledge of good and bad is lust for power, or ego in need, wanting to enforce control through reference points, in a fight for space and power.

Gods Kingdom is also called Paradise. In this context this is childlike Innocence, which does not need knowledge and is direct Knowing, Aware Being in itself. Consciousness is God… Kingdom is direct, uncreated, sacred Space… aware Being and Space is one, and noticable as Stillness.