subject - object

Subject - Object

October 1, 2010

What perceives is called subject, what is perceived object. Subject and object are seen as two separate phenomena: I… and what the I perceives.

Subject seems a separate existing entity. Many ideas stick to this imaginary I-person. These are projected onto what is seen as an object: the other, the surroundings, the world, a thought, an emotion. Feed-back, of the ideas projected on the objects, detirmines the attitude and the mood of the subject.

Consciousness turns out to be the time-less, age-less Now. Perception (subject) ís that living Transparency. In their essence objects prove to be appearances of the same consciousness. The ideas through which perceiving takes place dictate what the subject thinks it perceives.

Direct realization of this 'seeing' ends the apparent dominance of the objective world over the subject. dualities represent the relative, changing world. Subject and object are ideas to which believe is given. Consciousness is impersonal… perception usually is imagined.

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