Stillness and Imagination

july 1, 2010

When there is a realisation that everything comes from something which cannot be understood or put into concepts, initially there can be great resistance and indignation. However, in the fearfully held together ego-shape it begins to dawn that it makes perfect sense that the cosmic order does not depend on an imagined person. (…) Nothing and everything turn out to be one.

Consciousness realizes it surrendered to the whims of a fictitious god: the ego. It sees that it was loyal to mere assumption. Insight arises… in the turbulence from where a confused and terrified ego desperately tried to achieve success… insight, in the battle that came along with that.

The psychology behind the imagining is recognized, just like the constant mental activity that had to get the I-phantom in the gallery of the great. The imagining was dictated by the concepts with which the I-shape was associated. More and more the Ground of Stillness presents Itself, often completely unexpected in ordinary life, in experiences of nature, and during meditations.

The enormous impact Stillness has on the mind becomes obvious. Inspiration is recognized (re-known) as that strength which, without interference of interested parties and agents, happens as person-less action. The simplicity of that Stillness leaves the personal mind baffled, then blank… after which it drops quietly in humbling grace.

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