Stillness and Being

september 14, 2015

Imagine that you know nothing, that everything you learned - about spirituality, being, body, mind, life, good and bad - isn't there… Then explore what is left.

What is left is the Experiencing in Itself… Being. This Being is Stillness, a present Being that is not a describable object or thing.

In childhood you are taught to ascribe this unladen and open Being to a separate form: a me. This 'me' learns to see itself as a form in a surrounding.

Later, in spiritual and intuitive circles, you are told that this form comes from somewhere and is on its way to a destination or a special goal.

The Directness of Being is 'forgotten', and being is thought of as a separate form that has to reach its goal. During this journey it has to find a purpose and develop meaning… at 'the end' progressions and accomplishments have to be shown.

Sri Nisargadatta (I Am That) said… 'Once you realize that the road is the goal and that you are always on the road, not to reach a goal, but to enjoy its beauty and its wisdom, life ceases to be a task and becomes natural and simple, in itself an ecstasy.'

Everything becomes simple, uncomplicated… the realized Stillness of Being is benevolent for mind and body, which lose their apparent separateness. See also: The Lynx

When you look from the imagined, separate me, there is constant fear and tension. The basis is 'heavy' with uncertainty and worries about safety, destiny, the place in the world, meaning, dignity and credibility.

When disapointment, exhaustion and desperation force the outwardly directed attitude to stop, and the yearning for peace is being followed back inward, there may come a sense of Stillness.

This Stillness is the direct Openness of Being. Stillness, because it doesn't come or go and there's no separation. That is why it is also called Peace, Openness, Tao, God…

Realizing Stillness - direct Being - make assumptions and misunderstandings of the mind fall away. Yes, also themes and habits from which attention turned away will show up.

Often this evokes indignation and resistance, yet being aware of primary Stillness brings underlying convictions in the Light. These are the spiritual, subtle concepts from where apparent separateness evolves… these will also dissolve in Awareness.

It is tricky not to get distracted by methods that promise to bring you in your power. You can discover a deep touching Openness, precisely in allowing the underlying convictions and confusions. However, this needs willingness… willingness to really see through the illusion of the separate self.

Mind doesn't want to examine the assumptions and convictions. It needs them to built a case on, keep a 'safe' distance and maintain a certain attitude.

With that it tries to confirm the apparent 'me', bring it to fulfilment, boost its status and suggest credibility. The gnawing dissatisfaction that reigns 'underneath', is there because this succeeds only temporarily, or not at all.

There is a bitter fight with under-appreciation… the false self can't get control over the world, but again and again - in denial to the disappointment of that - tries to prove itself.

In meeting 'painful themes' the need to protect and fulfil the separate self evaporates. The Stillness to which everything appears is realized. Stillness is the Peace that was longed for… Peace is the true Nature of self-luminous Being.

This Peace flows into expressions, in words and action, where earlier the expression and action had to bring satisfaction and fulfilment to the false self. Action is spontaneous then, and - in a way - no more action, and not from someone.

- stillness and being -

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