- weeping buddha -

Staying Open

augustus 15, 2016

In some traditions Self-Inquiry (Atma-vichara) is recommended as a direct 'way' to Self-Knowledge. Attention is directed inward in Consciousness, or in I am.

You will notice how the mind is used to cherish certain energies and 'keep out' others. In stead of resting in Consciousness, the mind is attached, or in resistance to something.

It takes courage and willingness to break this habit. It is possible to rest the attention in Awareness and stay open, even if something arises to which the mind is in resistance.

Often that's not easy… the mind prefers to look 'outside', to blame the other, the world, fate, or God. It defends its alleged separateness and doesn't want to investigate inwardly that which it is afraid of, or face its convictions.

In stead of fixing something, letting go, or changing, you can stay open to what arises. It is possible to resist the tendency to fight or improve. By staying open a realization will come that feeling is safe.

By silently allowing 'things' - and be aware of Openness - something wonderful may happen. To really experience what arises, cleanses all ideas the mind believes about it.

This is similar to a tab which closes itself from ideas about water. As soon as a little flow is allowed, the flow starts to take all ideas about water. To truly experience takes away everything you thought you knew about the experience.

Being conscious inwardly - and allowing what is there - evokes an impersonal Efficacy. First it is clear that everything is in Consciousness, and nothing is outside yourself. Then borders, proportions and distance fall away.

Directed inwardly you notice that Consciousness isn't an activity or deed… this direct Self-luminosity is - without age or attributes - your true Identity. In the recognition of this Truth the concepts inside and outside also vanish.

In unburdened Awareness everything is welcome. By staying with it and truly allowing it in your experience, you can touch the core of pain. That which was fearfully concealed is unveiled in Stillness. Misconception, grieve, despair and powerlessness is hidden behind anger and defence.

Resting in Consciousness, you realize very deeply the Truth that you are. The boundless sense of I am gets stabilized in the body… the habit of separation and fixing falls away.

When attention rests as Awareness and you look to a tree, then the tree turns out an appearance of the Awareness that you are. Look from ideas about 'I', where ideas about 'tree' are believed, then you see an object which apparently exists outside of you.

If someone comes in your experience, during a meditation or meeting, you can discover inwardly what is activated or touched. Realizing that you are aware makes Openness conscious… then it is clear that 'the other' and 'what is touched' happen in Awareness.

Mind is afraid to feel what is touched or evoked, and hopes to get rid of the unpleasant feeling by removing 'the other'. This only feeds and strengthens the false I and its negative patterns.

Truly allowing what arises, and being aware of still Openness, brings all conditioning, habits, postures and convictions in the Light. True experience dismantles this collection. The Light of your true Nature pierces through what arises, confirming it in the one Truth.

This unifying and dismantling Efficacy can't be applied… it happens sponaniously, when what is is allowed from Stillness, without demands.

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