Quiet Open Being

januari 28, 2015

It can be tricky to stay out of the coercing habits of the mind. Often attention is busy in this activity with becoming better or happier. Through identification there's a striving for improvement… on the level of compulsive behavior.

It is possible to be aware of awareness, of aware Being. From there habits and attitudes can be perceived. Awareness is the open Stillness, or true Nature that doesn't change… activities and attitudes always change, just like the body, emotions, feelings and thoughts.

Usually awareness is unconsciously ascribed to a separately existing self, while the underlying Stillness is forgotten or stays unnoticed. Attention clings to descriptions and moves in the world from there… there the struggle for success and satisfaction evolves. This will relax in the recognition of Stillness.

Realizing the unchanging Stillness makes you aware that you are that Peace. By being aware of Stillness during the activities of the mind, the Light of direct Being can penetrate the habit or the pattern.

At this 'crossover point' of rest or react, it can become clear that attention is used to mix with thoughts which grow into an attitude or habit. The basis usually is the conviction that the describable 'me' isn't good enough, and diminished in value because of someone else, circumstances or the world.

You can feel this 'obeying the habit' in your belly, which gets tense, in your throat and shoulders, where resistance directs itself outward in defense… in the mental space, which fills up with indignation. It feels as if consciousness is a someone moving in the world along a time line.

In Stillness there is patience, compassion, gentleness, and a sense of unity of perceiver and perceived. In Openness the obstinate mind can surrender. It needs patience and awareness of true Being. Attention often is stuck in the activity of (im-)proving… or the idea that unity has to be created.

The possibility of fulfillment seems to fall away in the surrender to the Light. The idea of the describable separate self, which has to prove something in the world, often is very stubborn… giving that up feels like dying.

Until it really gets through that consciousness always is the truth of Being. Spacious awareness is realized, attention loses its tense focus… identification with the psychological person in the head evaporates.

There is still expression, but from a totally different basis. The need to hold on to a past, and to reach a fulfillment form there, drops with the realization of the timeless truth of Being. The recognition of Open Being ends the investing in the attitude. The mind comes to rest… the body feels soft and relaxed.

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