August 1, 2016

Consciousness - in the appearance of mental activity - is a master in changing, twisting, pretending and concealing. It is so good at it, that it believes it itself. It must, for self preservation… it needs what is essentially nothing but conflict, to keep up the illusion of its separate existence.

This is the - metaphorical - alchemist who does not yet know his true Nature… creativity is unconsciously in survival mode and fights for meaning and value. In the basis of that reigns fear for not existing.

From this apartheid, it makes the other responsible for how it feels. It denies its basis of unworthiness, and doesn't realise that circumstances reflect that basis… the ego claims that the circumstances cause the unworthiness.

The separate self is a mental activity, which feeds off the belief that there really is 'a self' in the activity. The allegations truly seem to concern the separate me… the activity must protect this assumed self and solve its problems.

Identification with this fictitious me automatically is defensive and distrusting, because all circumstances may threaten the safety and value of the assumed identity. Constantly it compares, lists and presumes, and from there projects ideas and images, which evoke resistance.

The false identity can become very resentful and angry: it clings to the past, sees itself as a victim, and is in resistance to its own projections… Unconsciously it applies sedation and denial, to be able to pretend.

Consciousness (apparently) gets entangled in its imaginations, creations and arguments, and gets lost in retaliation-missions. This is tangible as a heavy, serious atmosphere, where there's almost no Light.

Then suddenly it is noticed that the communication is very difficult, and that contact isn't really made. It becomes apparent that there is so much anger and discontent, and also denial and pretense is noticed.

At this 'juncture' of becoming aware, often refuge is taken in methods to strengthen the assumed 'I' and make it confident. Usually this following of fascinations still is a form of avoiding, a being loyal to the allegations of the false me.

Stllness is noticed

Then it may happen that the Stillness underneath everything is noticed, and Recognition takes place. Recognition is the realisation that you truly are this underlying Stillness, and that this Stillness is always already the case… that Consciousness always is this Stillness, and that you always already effortlessly are That.

Recognition of still Being also brings the understanding that time is an appearance, that Stillness is prior to, and befóre everything direct and timeless. This discovery ends the pretending, because there is a deep realisation that inner Stillness is the Peace you were looking for outside… that you are this Peace… that you are what you were looking for.

Being aware from living Stillness, is a wondrous non-activity. It has nothing to hold up or defend. Totally open, It is benevolent for the psyche, the mental activity, and unites.

The Dalai Lama said it like this: When you think everything is someone else's fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.

In realisation of Stillness who you thought you were completely disintegrates. Mental activity rebels… it fights and fights to get attention back in the façade of the false self.

Until it really pierces through, that all appearances spring from the one Stillness, and so are manifestations of Stillness… everything springs only from yourself.

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