Januari 26, 2013

Perception traced back to Awareness gives a stunning simple sense of True Nature… the truthful Presence, which is always free and cannot be caught:

-   The world is perceived by the senses.
-   The the senses are perceived by the mind.
-   The mind is perceived by Awareness (true Nature).

True Nature precedes mind, senses and world. Without a sense of true Nature, world, senses and mind seem separate phenomena and identification with an apparent form takes place.

Without a sense of true Nature, Awaring seems to happen by a someone, who has imaginations about himself and others. This can be felt as tension in mind and body. The basis of this tension is the believe in the separate identity, fear of lack, and a feeling of being lost.

The separate self sees the world, or the other, as cause of the tension. Tension (resistance) is the reaction of the false self to projections it unconsciously puts over the world or the other. It is in constant conflict with its own judgment and conclusions, but sees that as the other.

Following back the world to the senses, the senses to the mind, and the mind to Awareness, brings a direct sense of spaciousness. Moreover it becomes clear where identification takes place, as well as what stuff is covered by it.

Open Awareness reveals that mind, senses and world are appearances of Awareness. The subtle witness also dissolves in this dis-covery, leaving just Awareness.

Awareness is the Light in the world, the senses and the mind… Awareness alone is. Perception is direct, immediate presence.

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