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Perceiving is Being

june 28, 2021

Mind is used to ascribe every experience, sensation, emotion, thought or perception to a separate self, a self which perceives. The experience, sensation, emotion, thought or perception is positioned on a timeline. On the basis of this timeline a history is constructed and a self-image is put together.

Constantly judgment is created, about how the alleged self performed and about how the world treated this self. This judgment generates an ongoing commentary against the self that should have performed better and against the world, which should have treated the self better.

Parts of the timeline are held responsible for poor functioning: if this or that hadn't happened, then I would have been much happier now. Often the comment is soaked with blame and bitterness. You can recognize this mind-set in the attitude, gestures, facial expressions and conversations of many people.

There can be a realization that you also wandered around in such a mind-set for a long time. This realization can wake you up from the trance-like state of confusion.

You experience only your Being

In this Awakening something wondrous can happen. Suddenly it can be truly clear that during the experience, sensation, emotion, thought or perception, you always only experience your Being. Every phenomenon simply points to the Directness of your existence, to Being.

This is like a movie screen, every movie - drama, horror film, war movie, romance or documentary - points to the movie screen. Every experience, sensation, emotion, thought or perception, points to Being.

The Directness of Being isn't a separately existing self, it is the timeless, indivisible Being, which is prior to time. This Being is the same as Consciousness which perceives.

Realizing this direct Being, and recognizing the long state of confusion, can break open the habit of judgment, commentary and blame totally. The positioning in the cramped self-image drops back into Stillness… Perceiving isn't colored any more by the bitter mind, yet happens directly from silent Being.

Perceiving is the timeless being

It can be discovered that Perceiving is also the Directness of silent Being, and that everything which is perceived is this actual Awareness. Perceiving isn't a someone that perceives, a someone moving along a timeline… it is direct, timeless Being.

To truly comprehend that perceiving, and also experiencing, is the Directness of silent Being, brings the realization that Being is the same as God, and that God is timeless Peace, the Peace that surpasses all understanding. Then it is absolutely clear that Consciousness is - prior to time - always home and can never get lost.

Through this deep understanding, this realization, the construction of the alleged self, moving along a timeline, on its way to a destination, collapses and falls away. The mind, holding on to the concocted I-story surrenders.

This surrender is also the falling away of resistance, the giving up on control. It can happen when the mind is struck by beauty, a beautiful sunrise, when something essential is recognized in a conversation, a movie or book, in art, music, or a revelation.

It may also take place in frustration, grieve, violence, despair… In all cases it is deeply realized - prior to words, concepts, images and intellect - that there is no distance and that in everything Awareness is… that Awareness recognizes itSelf. Being-Awareness-Peace (God) alone is, is then a living truth.

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