Object and consciousness is one.


Januari 16, 2012

With objects 'everything perceivable' is meant. All objects appear to consciousness. They rise and fall back… what stays is consciousness.

Objects are 'things', like a house and a tree, but also emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, sound, images and memories.

Objects are also subtle, like odour, insight, notions, convictions, habits or patterns… You can't really see them, yet they are perceivable. Objects are sentient and change constantly, what always remains is Consciousness.

Deep sleep, dream state and waking state are also appearances in consciousness. They are states that can be remembered. time, space, movement and stillness are also objects of consciousness. This tells that Consciousness is timeless, and not a state or unmoving object.

Consciousness is before time and often is called True Nature. This Awareness is independent of circumstances. Objects are appearances of Consciousness, they rise from and sink back in consciousness. Consciousness and objects are one and the same - objectless - Awareness.

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