Awareness happens impersonally.

No Observer

October 29, 2011

From the habit of imagining a 'me' inside 'I' was looking for liberation in a 'world' outside. Via this imposed way of looking, subject and object - just like inside and outside - seemed separated and real. 'I' (subject) seemed to be aware of 'the world' (object) outside of myself.

Consciousness was seen as a separate, psychological form that started a search in an (imagined) space. This search was fueled from the idea that the form 'I' has to fulfill itself. This should take place in what was labelled as 'space'.

After a long search - to get rid of a basic feeling of loneliness - moments of awakening to the dream of unfulfillment came. In timeless insights the separate self was recognized as an illusion. Unnoticed spontaneous Actuality (Life) was traded in for ideas abóut life.

Space was realized as an experience in consciousness. It proved impossible to discover a border between consciousness and space. Space showed itself as an appearance óf consciousness.

Deep sleep is Peace

In deep sleep there is no sense of I, world and space. Mental activity is - just like time - absent… what stays is the timeless actuality of Consciousness. It is also called Peace or Stillness. All concepts dissolve in It. Stillness appears as activeness… it dismantles all ideas of separation and brings Wellbeing.

Stillness appears as awareness. This usually means: there's experiencing, which is divided by mind in consciousness, an apparent body and apparent circumstances. Consciousness rises as that which is perceived. The habit is to ascribe consciousness to a someone that perceives. This illusion of subject-object evaporates in Stillness, perception happens impersonally.

The feeling of loneliness and unfulfillment belongs to the psychic image that is made of being. It seems to be there because attention learns to look away from experiences and feelings that are seen as undesirable. Denial looks like control, yet creates the illusion of separation. Stillness is everything and nothing. This is like water, which - as wave and as sea - always stays water.

To see space as an experience of consciousness makes aware of empty awaring. 'I' is not a form in space, trying to find home, but Peace. Identity loses the identification with form… and realizes to be Stillness, or Consciousness without an object.

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