Meditation - Listening

Januari 22, 2013

The following Meditation is possible always and everywhere. The beauty is that 'it' is already happening and simply asks for receptivity and alertness…

Notice, while sitting, standing, walking or lying, that Listening happens effortlessly. Hear the sounds around and in your body. Explore if Listening has borders… or is an activity.

Forget that your ears hear and notice Openness. Listen with your whole body. Feel that everything is listening. In this open Listening borders of your body dissolve and a living spaciousness enfolds.

Explore where sounds are occurring… senses seem to say that they are outside of you… notice that they happen in you, in Consciousness. Find out if there is a border between Listening and sound.

In this direct, open Immediacy the concepts inside and outside drop away, just like subject en object. Sound does not exist as a separate object, but is an appearance of Consciousness.

Listening is direct open Being, which is Awareness. Listening doesn't belong to someone… it is what occurs impersonally as Presence.

In the realization of Listening, attention loses its tension of 'giving safety to the identity'. The open Listening is the true Self, or open Presence to which everything appears.

Openness is the Stillness in which the duality silence and sound dissolves. You are this Stillness… you are this open, silent Listening. This realization brings a benevolent flow of wellness in the body.

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