The bell as a symbol of Direct Knowing.


Februari 26, 2012

Subject and object - or witness and witnessed - do not exist as separate parts. The witness is very useful to see through identification, but is, in the end, a form… a subtle reflection.

Awareness is also called 'Knowing'. There is only the Knowing… with which is meant the actuality of Awareness, or being. This Knowing is the direct experiencing in Itself, or the realization that Consciousness is aware of Itself. Subject and object are absent then.

The word 'knowing' is often associated with 'knowledge'. Here 'knowledge' means: 'what can be described'. Perceptions become knowledge, if seen and claimed by and through a perceiver.

Knowledge is the object of the perceiver… in Knowing knower and knowledge dissolve. The object turns out to be a thought… Name, image and meaning are thoughts, which, through projections, seemingly divide Perceiving in subject and object. What is known is always the Knowing in Itself.

In stead of wanting to change circumstances or a state of consciousness, Being stays aware of itself… 'it' is aware of there being just this Awareness… simply this open Awareness. In open Being Life is happening… Openness is this immediate, direct Life.

Just 'above' it the person tries to control life through 'knowledge'. This is distrust to Being, fear of death, and really fear of Life: time and self-descriptions fall away in direct Life. Fear manifests as competition and urge… ego wants to do it better than God, to perpetuate the me-illusion.

In Knowing fear of not knowing evaporates. This fear is about 'not knowing who I am' (… the losing of knowledge). What needs to be known is there when needed… however, it is not about a 'me' wanting honor and meaning.

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