December 18, 2016

Realizing direct, alive Being, changes experiencing completely. You see that everything was experienced through a mental attitude, and that the assumptions that were held there determined the experience, the sensation, or the feeling.

In the Openness of still Being you can perceive that the 'mentality' from where you looked actually is a cramp. You can notice that in this cramp you were convinced of a separate 'me' in a surrounding… a 'me' posing as expected or rebelling. In being silently observant you see that this 'mental identity' is an idea.

Awakening is being conscious of Noticing, or open Awareness. This sense of Being relaxes and expands in a spacious Openness. Open-Being proves to be without borders, without beginning or end… in such a way that all sense of proportion and distance dissolves.

Outside is Inside

Everything is in this Open Being. For the lagging mind this is threatening, because it is used to objectify everything and divide it into 'inside and outside'. If everything happens in Consciousness, what you called 'outside' is also in Consciousness, therefore 'inside'.

The split in 'inside and outside' turns out an imagination, which has to be guarded and maintained. The central figure inside is the false self. In Noticing and direct Experiencing, the acquired mentality melts, and also the concept 'inside' falls away.

open being

Natural Intimacy

From the limited identity we are very busy keeping out, or controlling, or cherishing certain phenomena. In Open Being everything turns out intimately one with perceiving Consciousness. Everything that appears is already in you, be it an emotion or passer-by.

In this natural Openness everything becomes a spiritual teacher, also someone angry or 'negative' energy. Where we used to keep the negative out, or replace it by something 'clean', you can now allow it. Then something wonderful happens…

Through Allowing and Experiencing similar energies in your system become soft and open. You discover where in the mind you hold back, hide or are in resistance. These 'places' open up through Allowing and Experiencing, and start to flow again.

Allowing and Experiencing actually is the surrender to what is. Thus you can also welcome what you encounter inside. Fear, sadness and anger turn out to be great teachers: they simplify and dismantle - in the allowing - the distortedness of the mental attitudeDirect Experience takes away all sense of separation.

Connectedness is the indivisible One

From the old, limited identity 'a connection' seemed necessary to be able to establish a relation. In the Openness of still Being you experience that 'the other' is already in you, and in essence an appearance of the same Consciousness that perceives.

Waves are One as Water

That is like the water of the sea, which is the common ground of all waves… the waves are countless and temporary, the water is one, indivisible and timeless. All waves - in their true Nuture - are already one with each other.

At the surface waves are different, transient, and dependant on circumstances. During rising, lasting and decline of the wave, water invariably stays the one Water. Identification with form creates fear of disapproval, failure, loneliness… fear of death.

Recognition of your true Nature brings realization of the Source, of that you are the one Source. This makes Being an intimate Directness, because everything stems from yourself. In Openness the necessary will come on your path by itself, and everything points to the one Awareness.

Protecting and fortifying the 'mental attitude' stops, because more and more it is obvious that this open Awareness is your true Nature. Direct Experiencing takes away all the gatherings… the sense of Being deepens into an intimate, open Being Home.

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