- Castle in the air -

Imagination and Space

June 8, 2012

Can you - while reading this - experience the silent space… can you, in stead of being focused on objects in space, be aware of Openness and space… do you recognize the habit to imagine yourself as a point in this space, creating the illusion of you experiencing space around you?

Can you be aware of this point, this apparent self, and the amount of assuming 'there'… do you see how this point in space seems a shape, a me-shape occupied with becoming better, not making mistakes, defending… from early in the morning 'till late at night?

Can you now, as open spaciousness recognize the silent Truth of space, of yourSelf? Is there a someone experiencing space… or is there direct, spacious experiencing?

Do you realize that the me-shape is an imagination, an experienceable collection of ideas? Notice that believing this 'en-souls' an I-figure, making it appear as if you are this imaginary person. Do you feel the effect of believe in this collection of ideas in your body…

Believe in the me-shape is an activity of the mind, which not only determines the physical experience, but also determines the tone in the world and the way of looking.

See that attention is lured to this dimension of thought, where - in an atmosphere of fearful survival - control, competition and war bump into eachother. Notice that attention is directed outward through mental activity, outward where 'happiness' has to come from.

Let the focus relax in a sense of spacious Openness. Take your time… feel how attention habitually wants to be busy with the images… realize that you can be aware of that.

Is there a border between 'the Stillness of perception' and 'the perception'… If the self-image is allowed, can you recognize the silent Truth in this 'me'… can you realize that you are not the imagination, but this wondrous, non-dual Being?

Now if you look around, can you recognize this same Truth - yourSelf - in the world you see… were you ever not this indivisible Openness?

Can you realize that 'the stillness of Awaring' is not an experience, but your Truth… and can you feel that this realization has an effect of well-being in the mind and the body?

Openness is like a bright Fire, which effortlessly clarifies the substructure of this imaginary 'me'. Methods and techniques to get the mental I-activity 'in order' stop in recognition of the creative Fire… the living Light that is reading this now.

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