growing up

Growing up spiritually

May 19, 2011

Early on the child is covered with rules of life and codes of conduct. By nature a child is totally open and makes no distinction between self and world, self and other. It learns to apply the imposed 'knowledge', but feels - in interhuman relations - mostly strife, conflict and war.

Desperation grows. The rules constantly order the child to be perfect, yet it experiences - in the practical implementation of them by the 'elders' - violence and pain. In the confusion of that it learns to take refuge in another numbing mechanism: denial and pretence.

Desperation is kept under control and directed outward as a demand for obedience. The child is now part of the 'grown up' world and behaves accordingly. Then - uncalled for - a time begins in which desperation can't be kept under control and the consequences of this suppression can't be avoided anymore.

The Divine Crisis

This is 'the divine crisis', in which all confusion and gathered 'truths' pass by. Being realizes what it was obedient to and stops believing the allegations. The sense of being awakens to the dream. What follows is a time of staying open, staying with it, and observing what enfolds by itself.

When collective madness is recognized insight arises, in the many methods, meant to 'fix' the desperation of not being able to function properly anymore. Many teachings and institutes see the world as something there, outside… bad and guilty of the suffering of humans.

The basis of this misconception is the separate self, which is being wronged. This persona must be freed from 'evil'. many methods adapt to the vanity of the false self. In stead of giving insight in the illusion of it, the 'me' is strengthened: an old self image is replaced by a new one which has to provide confidence.

The childhood habit perpetuates itself: truth 'outside' the 'I' is offered to improve the functioning in the world. Until the desperation comes back and the absurdity of this flight-mechanism is truly seen… consciousness realizes its true Nature.

Seeing dismantles the false identity. Still there's pleasure and pain… yet the false me which suffered from that is seen through, appearances are accepted as they present themselves. Inner and outer turns out to be one… this 'bad world' a projection of the imagined 'me'. In stead of reactions from fear and defense, answers will come out of Stillness.

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