Good - Bad

Good - Bad

September 17, 2010

Restlessness projects its assumptions on what it looks at, listens to, talks to or thinks about. Then it judges the assumptions, unaware of judging its own unrest which it projected outward. What dominates is the believe given to the idea of subject-object. *

Restlessness is the unrecognized archetypal and mythological battle between good and bad, or god and devil. An imagined I-form is shaped through believe. It has to constantly position itself in one side, depending on ever changing circumstances. Unconsciously 'I' is in resistance to its own imaginations and projections, in fear of extinction.

In me (consciousness) there is pacifism as well as war and violence. However, it is recognized as how ego sees the world of dualities. Ultimately the One (pure consciousness) is not in the fight, although without It there wouldn't be duality. Duality is the dream of the One which is not a one. The One is perfect still Beauty… It shines unhindered without a counterpart.

The fight between good and evil expresses as the battle of the sexes. This archetypal struggle manifests when identification takes place with one of the sides, and the identity seems an object. Reality is that mysterious Beauty which - before everything - enables the world of dualities.

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