Free Being

January 5, 2016

In stead of pointing to your true Nature, which is always Peace, whole and indivisible, we are brought up with the idea that you have to accomplish something as a woman or a man. Time and again you are spoken to as this describable 'me', that has to be good in something. This brings tension, fear of failure and abandonment… and lostness.

Fear becomes the attitude in life, the ground-note in everything. Every conversation or job that is coming, brings the feeling of the 'me' that must not fail… to prevent rejection and loneliness… always there's fear of being seen in uncertainty.

It can be very relieving and liberating, to see that you are not this struggling person, and that you are aware of this fighting attitude. That is as in a dream, where you suddenly realize that you are dreaming… that you are not the main character in the dream. The identification with the dream-figure falls away.

This is also possible in the (so called) waking state, where attention - through realizing direct Being - loses its identification with the me-person. All of sudden it is clear that true Nature is independent of how 'things' go in the relative world. That which is aware of the struggle is un-damageble, free and un-improvable.

There is a sense of Stillness or Peace that precedes everything, a knowing that you are always directly this Being home. From this lived Truth Nature expresses effortlessly. Where earlier the accomplishment had to bring satisfaction and peace, there is now a basis of Free Being… in the sense of free from all things imagined.

From this unburdened open Being you can become intimate with fear… from what has no judgement you can see under the fear the desperation, which translates not knowing as I am not good enough. Under that is the Stillness from where not knowing is natural and safe… there you discover the doubt-less kindness of Being.

XX - Judgement

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