Falling Away

November 22, 2016

Waking up from the hypnoses of the false 'self' is often accompanied by the falling away of an unconscious, long lasting 'being driven'. The basis of this 'passion' that's falling apart, consists of cherished disappointment, discontent and anger.

Discovering this often brings new unrest… the mind realizes that for a long time, in a numbed state of denial and pretense, it ran away from something.

A mask of 'everything is fine' hides grumbling, bitter discontent. Fear reigns… insecurity must be hidden, 'I' must look valuable for the world outside.

Under fear and anger, lostness and grief are hidden. This usually evolves in childhood, or earlier. Consciousness participates in habits of the surroundings, neglects despair and intuitive perception, and adopts an attitude of indifferent bluff.

You can notice this - universal - pattern in the morning, when the mind activates and is totally taken over by thoughts ans allegations… the Stillness of deep sleep is forgotten and the identity really seems to reside in the activity of the mind.


Just 'above' the Stillness identification takes place… with the body, emotions, concepts, ideas, images and patterns. From there everything is divided into a subject and an object. In the identification the still, indivisible One is replaced by a subject that is imagined as an object: the separate 'self'.

This false identity is completely defined by the convictions and ideas that are adopted in the basis. 'Above' the Stillness of direct Being a dynamic driven by confusion is obeyed.

In this 'being driven' often retaliation and revenge can be recognized. Insecurity, under-appreciation and loneliness seem to be caused by others… resulting in great indignation.

A common thread in this 'passion' often is working on (and empowering) the personality. This is done to get rid of insecurity and under-appreciation, and create a good feeling.

This passion can suddenly be interrupted… the encouragement of the false identity stops. This may literally feel as the falling away of the self, as if being taken by an inexplicable and open Being.

Self-luminous Consciousness

Indivisible Consciousness is self-Luminous and has no other source than itself. Light is not an appearance or element, but the One without a second. This One is the true Identity, which is there in deep sleep… the Stillness, which in the morning gets over-shouted by the obstinate mind, which gets taken in by misconceptions every-time.

For centuries there are traditions which point to Consciousness. Every-time there are clear appearances which speak from a realized Consciousness, and teach the possibility of Awakening, Realizing, and Recognizing Truth.

One of the most dismantling, but also highly astonishing discoveries, is the realization that always first Awareness is happening… that it happens effortlessly by itself, that it is always the case, and that you always are this Awaring.

Mental activity however, imagines itself as a separate entity and claims to be the doer of awareness. Perceptions are arranged in time, suggesting the continuity of a separate I, a me that has a destiny and must have a purpose to give meaning to an alleged existence.

Undeniable Consciousness

You can notice when attention gets caught by the allegations of the mind, and remember aware Being. Being is the direct Stillness of the one Awareness, or the undeniable Consciousness which perceives.

The realization of direct Being permeates the mind, which loses its mis-conceptions. This happens by itself, when Directness truly is a living Truth. Constructions of the ego-mind are not believed anymore and fall away.

The recognition of true nature, and the falling away of misconception, places you in the world completely different. In Openness what life brings isn't avoided anymore… it is genuinely met.

False passion stops, there's a basis of open Rest. In this Rest also unrest is welcome, so is physical and psychological pain, the pain of illness, parting, loss or incapacity. What falls away is resistance, or the believing of thoughts about what is there.

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