'like - don't like'


Januari 21, 2012

All experiences point to Consciousness: without experiences there is Consciousness, without Consciousness no experiences. this is like the sea: without waves there's a sea, without sea no waves… or like gold: without jewellery there's gold, without gold no jewellery.

Usually an object is seen as the cause of an experience. An experience is ascribed to a person or that one special moment. mostly attention is totally occupied with getting 'nice' experiences… which creates the dynamic of a search for happiness, as if joy depends on experiences.

During moments of happiness the search drops, just like the seeker. What stays unnoticed is that Happiness is True Nature enjoying Itself as Being. In that Joy there is no me and other… that is assumed later on, looking back, by the mind, in the form of a causal explanation.

It is believed that consciousness must be the succession of nice feelings, and peace and joy are the result of good experiences. However, the Substance of Consciousness ís Peace. Seeing a ring as an appearance of gold is similar to realizing objects as appearances of Consciousness.

When Consciousness realizes it isn't an object, but the unchanging to which everything appears, and appearances are recognized as consciousness, the Substance of Consciousness reveals Itself as Peace… the Peace that has no opposite and surpasses all understanding.

It is then seen through that consciousness is always this Peace, and through identification, with an object in consciousness, it is convinced of not yet having attained peace. This 'lack' seems to be solved with getting 'good' experiences… experiences must bring luck.

Fixation on the appearance that must bring salvation stops. The separation between surface and depth proves non-existent. the concepts surface/depth, or outside/inside, disappear. 'That which carries everything' drops, because nothing needs to be carried… there's only Consciousness.

Yearning for Peace is the apparent alienation from True Nature. Being ís this Peace. Yearning is the longing for what is not an experience, but our True Nature. Unaware of this, consciousness searches it-Self in objects, believing that 'experiencing' will bring luck. Consciousness ís True Nature, even in the seeking of (imaginable) peace. Peace is unimaginable.

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