Emptiness and Fear

May 4, 2012

If Being is realized and the ego seen through, reference points (conditionings and identifications) will drop away. This may feel as if there is nothing more to hold on to, which, for ego-activity is a big problem… it is used to build an argument on logical sounding assumptions.

The falling away of that evokes fear… and indignation: intensive investment has been going on in a cultural, social, and spiritual identity with which respect can be earned. Moreover direct experience triggers offensive resistance… avoided convictions and feelings present themselves.

To give 'security' to the mind refuge is taken in subtler, newer reference points. Refined concepts and insights deliver a fresh identity: the witness, everything is one, I am no person, I am a spiritual being, I woke up, the world doesn't exist…

Mind can't or won't give in to the realization that there is no separate self. To numb the fear alliances with kindred spirits are sought for… Mind surrounds itself with refined concepts from where it looks 'outward' and is able to keep a distance in a new way.

The activity in the dream is seen as real, and as belonging to a 'me'. Realization, that Being precedes ideas abóut being - and I is the Stillness of Being - is ignored. Methods are applied to give the dream figure the appearance of autonomous and successful… with exhaustion and frustration as a result… on the imaginary level of the dream.

The direct Path doesn't deal with the dream figure, but explores what it is that is aware of the mind. When Emptiness is recognized as That, which, as One without a second, always Is, there is a sense of no self… no psychological suffering. What stays is Stillness - Emptiness. In this loving Openness all fear dissolves. This full Emptiness is celebrated in many traditions… Tao, Zen, Advaita, Mystique, Art, Music.

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