Ego and Hypnoses

July 2, 2010

Not giving in to the habit of believing the cunningly arguing ego seems difficult, because it veils justifications with unbelievable inventiveness. The sense of being is constantly brought under the spell of the assumptions and argumentations of the ego.

Ego is a sense of being that hypnotizes itself permanently through ideas and images (narcosis). It has to, in order to describe itself in an explainable surrounding. Ego is an imagined figure, build from interpretations of the past. Ego is in trance of itself.

The releasing of that hypnoses gives an enormous relieve… fear changes into natural openness. Suddenly it is clear and palpable that Life can never be incomplete or inferior. In the mind circumstances are translated into rigid images and compared with images of how life should be. Life is not an image, but always the continuous flow happening as presence.

Consciousness is that Presence, and looking around through the body it is aware of circumstances ever changing. Changes are visible through the forms consciousness adopts. The form is - so to speak - the organic bottom of consciousness… the top is aware Light. Love is where bottom and top are one and usable as useful concepts.

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