16 - The Tower

Defense and Being

March 26, 2013

Something essential can be recognized with someone who is open and present as aware Being… there is nothing to defend, and also 'undesirable' emotions are not hidden.

That which wants to hide, veil, deny, pretend and defend, turns out to be a habit. This fearful habit belongs to an activity, which boots every morning mechanically.

The fear is for the becoming visible of the aspects that are not allowed to be seen. These aspects belong to an imaginary person, a me-person, suggested by the activity.

The identity collapses when it is realized that the activity and her imaginations can be perceived… who you thought you were is recognized as a phantom. What perceives is the Light.

This 'seeing through the person' is the end of the defender, hence the end of defense… what seemed in need of defense, was an imagination that was being faithfully believed every morning.

The activity belonged to the false identity of which the 'bad' part had to be veiled by the 'good' part. The fear, most of all, was for the idea of not being able to sustain this serious play of pretense.

Someone who is open, has nothing to hide, which is palpable as a Presense that reminds of inner Wholeness… the mind surrendered to Being.

Some tendencies may come back; however - after recognition of the Light as true Nature - attention rests as this Openness. This stops the defense from gaining momentum and becoming an attitude.

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