Consciousness and Oneness

Consciousness and Oneness

December 30, 2023

Oneness can be discovered in direct experience and in the realisation that there is no border between Perceiving and the perceivable. With 'direct experience' is meant that there is a sense of the Being which is always Now and unchanging, and that Being is the same as Perceiving.

With 'the perceivable' is meant everything objective and changing. This can be the body, or the world around the body, but also a thought, an emotion, a feeling or an appearance.

In direct experience it is clear that Perceiving - or that which perceives - seemlessly turns into what is being perceived… subject and object are one. That which perceives is not a somebody, the subject is not a separate person. Also 'what is being perceived' is not a collection of separate objects, but one indivisible whole and one with that which Perceives.

First there is the discerning and it turns out that you are not what you perceive. Everything perceived is changing and finite, that which perceives is unchanging, timeless and not an object. Than there is the realisation that what perceives is one with what is being perceived… subject and object are one… there is just Consciousness.

The metaphor of the sea and the waves: water of the sea looks around from the wave and sees all kinds of other waves rising and falling. Than the wave realises it is not the form of the wave, but water of the sea, and that the same water is in all the waves. Oneness is realised and it is clear that waves - the forms - are temporary and water - the sea - is timeless. In Oneness fear of death subsides.

The realisation of Oneness is also called Peace. In daily life this Peace can be practiced. When there is sadness, fear, anger or unrest, from yourself or someone else, you can sit down and quietly allow the appearance. That which perceives is unconditional and without judgement the timeless Peace.

In quiet Perceiving, Peace can touch the appearance and remind it of the Truth of Peace. This is not a technique or method, but what happens by Itself from the Stillness of Awareness. In patiently being open the unborn Timelessness becomes a living Truth in the Temporary, and it turns out that the Many is the face of the One.

Nisargadatta said: I am nothing is Wisdom, I am everything is Love… between the two my life flows.
Sri Ramana Maharshi tells it like this: All is the Self… All is the Self.

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