December 29, 2018

The most important realisation in a human life is the realisation of Being. This is because the realisation of Being is also the realisation of the true Identity, or the I that Is. The realisation of Being reveals that Being is the same as Existence, the one I, God, the Source, Awareness…

In the realisation of true Being all ideas about I, self, God, good and bad, life, existence, the world and time fall away. Really everything thinkable and ponderable vanishes… What remains is an inexpressible, quiet understanding, an immediate, direct Being, in which all questions about origin, destiny and meaning disappear.

Astonishingly Realisation actually is always happening. However, it isn't noticed, or it doesn't really sink in. Every perception, every feeling, emotion, thought or experience… everything confirms Being. Everything that comes and goes, everything temporal confirms the true timeless Being.

Everyone knows in the morning that during the night there was the dream-less deep sleep, everyone knows when - looking at a wonderful, starry sky or a beautiful sunrise - the mind stops and there is just Stillness. Usually however, right after it attention is caught by what the mind thinks of it and the Realisation of the Stillness that you are is forgotten.

Being… the Stillness that you are

The Realisation of Being - the Stillness that you are - is possible at every moment. When the mind boots just after sleep, when you get out of bed, when you brush your teeth, during breakfast, a conversation or the daily affairs, in difficult moments, when a decision has to be made… every time you can ask yourself to whom does this appear?

This question 'turns around' the attention, away from what you can perceive back to what perceives. As an answer to the question there is the Stillness of your true nature, which reveals itself as a Directness, as an open Being. You know it immediately, because this open Stillness is truly unconditional, all-embracing and without judgement.

This Directness is the Being, the Awareness, or That which always is undamageable, indivisible and independent of all circumstances. This Being is the one Being that cannot get lost or away from Itself.

The Realisation of this Being brings an enormous psychological shift, a deep recognition of your true Identity. This true Identity is the Source from which Consciousness arises in everyone.

The Realisation permeates the mind. How this works out may take some time. All kinds of patterns, habits and convictions come into the Light. Long suppressed or denied experiences may pop up. However, now you 'see' them happening… and in patience there can come an answer, from the Stillness that you are.

Being… the experiencing in itself

It is also possible to realise and experience Being in a different way. You can sit down and start with simply 'listening' to now here. What is meant here by listening is 'being open inwardly, the noticing which happens by itself, the noticing which isn't focused on something… to just be with what is here now'.

In that silent listening you can feel your body, notice the breathing and the sounds from around your body. You can realise that everything happens without the need to think something of it or do something with it. In fact nothing needs to be accepted, because everything is already as it is, and also the protesting of the mind is welcome without being obedient to it.

When you sit quietly like this you can notice that experiencing happens by itself and is not an action or a deed, that the experiencing always is very direct and always now and that Now knows no time. You can explore where Consciousness stops and the experience begins. It will be clear that everything happens in Consciousness and there are no boundaries.

Being reveals Itself as Experiencing… Experiencing turns out as Openness, as a still open Being. Initially Open Being may bring an idea of immeasurability, yet eventually all sense of measure or proportion disappears. Openness is self-luminous… You could say that Experiencing is the Inner of Open Being. Experiencing is therefore always and timelessly enlightened.

Still open Being - beyond immeasurable - and truly experiencing brings Light in the world.

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