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Being Aware

April 15, 2016

Often mind is looking for more security, overview, more knowledge, more grip… usually fear and the desire for control is at the base of this 'mode'. Control seems to be able to alter fate, so happiness will come.

An unexpected 'shift' may happen… suddenly there is a longing for openness, innocence, open-mindedness… a yearning for childlike frankness.

This longing stems from the memory of the first experience… a memory which actually isn't a memory, but the Directness of Aware Being.

In the child there isn't a division between subject and object yet… in what perceives and what is perceived. Perceiving and what is perceived are one… there is no perceiver, just perceiving in itself.

You can see this absence of borders and distinction in the eyes of a baby. There is a cristal-like sparkling, which at once reminds you of your true nature of Light.

This Sparkle is the one Light. It appears as child, papa, mama, earth, universe, and at the same time it stays indivisible. You see no see child-eyes… there is just self-luminous Aware Being. However, usually mind immediately makes something else of it.

Sometimes the memory is very clear, and eventually she's always a beacon of simplicity underneath every experience. Recognition, of this unladen Directness as true Nature, is often overruled by the arguing mind, which divides it into a subject and an object, and a causal explanation for the experience.

Then deep experiences, revelations, insights, or moments of complete Stillness are needed, to break through the stubborn hypnoses, and be aware of the connection between the first experience, the silencing of the mind, and the directness of Light.

The absence of time is noticed, and there's the realization that in the first experience there also wasn't time. There is an indivisible Awareness… an Aware being in itself, where everything happens as a crystal-like, self-luminous Aware Being.

This wondrous one Being has no form or proportions, and is at the same time spacious. This Directness isn't divided in me and other, or inside and outside. What later is seen as I, mama, papa, family and world, is indivisibly the one Aware being.

In this child-like innocence is no separation, or identification with a description… Being is home as Awareness, as divine Stillness.

This Being is the actual, direct Being… the timeless, ageless Being which Is Now.

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