Bede Griffiths

November 11, 2012

In the merging of west and east, Bede Griffiths found the one Love as basis-principle of the Universe. Just before he left for Bombay, in 1955, he wrote: The surrender of the ego is the only way of life. Surrender of the ego is the most difficult thing we have to do.

Death, unconditional Love and Control

During a stroke, the mind stopped completely and Love took away all control and fear. Here Bede Griffiths speaks about fear of death and unconditional love. You can feel the words being spoken from a realized Stillness…

Desperation… everything is falling away, and now also the image of God has to be given up. The illusion of the separate self believes - in pride - to be separate from God, and doesn't want to admit its helplessness.

Ego tries to avoid the fear of lostness and longing, in a desperate struggle to prove its existence. Timelessly the Stillness calls that 'what is looked for' is here now, effortlessly. 'But sometimes you have to be hit on the head to awaken…'

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Wikipedia - Bede Griffiths gives a detailed and beautiful report on the life of Bede Griffiths (1906-1993).

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