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Dream - Awakening

september 2, 2010

The primary 'I' is the one undiluted Consciousness. I and Consciousness are one. Consciousness is God. Jesus said: I and my Father are one. God is the perceiving Presence as well as everything appearing. Early in life the child (primary undifferentiated consciousness) is trained to imagine with clearly defined concepts. This is practical, in order to function in the relative world of forms. However - through identification - it also brings alienation.

In psychological space (the mind) images are collected. These are energy-impressions of family, world and events. Through psychological representations consciousness learns to assign meaning and descriptions to appearances. Projections are energetic attitudes and vibrations with which people present ideas about themselves and the world. In the mind evolves a collection of persons and impressions which represent projections and interpretations.

A psychological I-shape is described from memories and imposed ideas. Impressions of the world grow into a psychological landscape. The characters collected from the surroundings are seen as existing only outside the self. On closer examination these turn out to be energetic appearances in the mind, which operates with time-bound, isolated and separated impressions.

Mind is the one Holy Spirit which through identification seems to contract into an ego-mind. Spirit could also be called Light. The Light is Consciousness which perceives and sees, or Stillness that is absolute and formless. Ego is the I-illusion which claims ownership of memories, impressions and happenings.

Light is before time the age-less which perceives; the psychological I is the form which learned to see itself as an identity existing apart from the whole. Metaphorically speaking, Light is the upper side of Conciousness, Life the organic lower side. In the middle is impersonal Love which keeps on relating perception to Life that is always now, new, fresh and unburdened.

Life-Love-Light is one, a trinity with which confusion can be invalidated. Life-Love-Light is God or Awareness. In the mind an I-form grows which identifies with the body and says: 'I am a man' or 'I am a woman'. There separation begins. The I-form starts obeying ideas on how to be a man or how to be a woman, thereby disturbing the biology.

Ultimately the word 'human' is a concept in the mind belonging to the relative world of forms. The false I - or ego - claims experiences to edit them into a story. There seem to be innumerable persons, all defending their ego-story. relatively this is true, yet seen from the Absolute there is one universal Being. The dis-connecting from the concocted, false and twisted ego-story could be called awakening.

Clinging to a psychological identity suggests a separated person with an origin and a destiny. This is backed-up with dramatised memories of interpreted happenings: the ego-story. After it is seen that consciousness has no age or size, perceiving relaxes back from the ego-standpoint (time) into impersonal awareness (timeless). The imprisonment in time drops away. Yearning for Love is recognized as ego-alienation.

The other isn't outside myself, but an appearance of the one Being, likely to show aspects of the one - confused - human mind. Meetings aren't avoided from ego-fear, but rather accepted as possibilities to invalidate - collective - untruths. Spirituality is not a concept to create separation, but the Holy Spirit which inspires and encourages life-forms to allow life from authentic Oneness.

Distrust is fear for identity-loss. Identity has to create space where consciousness doesn't realize that it is life-Love-Light and (uncreated) effortlessly the space in which everything evolves. The small mind evokes anxiety and has to guard and control its psychological interior to feel safe. This contraction concocts, from a claimed past, an identity and therefore needs to hold on to 'its' past.

The I-form cherishes the past to draw indignation, discontent and pride from it. That is necessary to guarantee distance between me and the world or me and the other (guilt - punishment). This is a mental fight, which manifests in the world as war, ruling, fear, suffering, pain and suspicion. Always the world seems responsible for 'my unhappiness'. Happiness will come if and when the other, the world or God respects and obeys the rules… which I make. :-)

This battle is propelled by the psychological construction which evolved from childhood. Energetic figures form a frame in which the I-form tries to maintain its validity. The I fights against or feels supported by energy-impressions from parents, family, religion, tradition, culture and the spirit of time. Actions are constantly related to and compared with a collection of impressions from the past. Energy-impressions can be five minutes or five thousand years old.

Alienation is consciousness forgetting it is before time, looking - from transparency - to a dream. The dream happens in the dimension of time - space… consciousness is not a dimension. The I-form grows up with the idea it's an appearance in the dream. The dream gets the name 'my life'.

Loneliness is consciousness in confusion about itself. It imagines itself as a separate form which feels lost in the dimensions. It has to find its way and gets desperate from the many signposts. Desperation is - in the acceptation of it - a possibility to wake up from the dream and an opening to the timeless which perceives, which isn't born and doesn't die.

Awakening is the realization of being not a dream-person but the one transparent Awareness, or Life-Love-Light which incomprehensibly - before time - is the timeless Wonder within which all dimensions are dreamed. Life-Love-Light comes from nowhere and goes nowhere… it Is. Nothing brings peace but the Divine Peace that surpasses all understanding… your true nature.

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