Immortal Bach - Bladmuziek en aanwijzingen

Immortal Bach - Knut Nystedt

Aanwijzingen van Knut Nystedt

1. Sing the choral once as written.

2. Then: All begin on 'Komm' and sustain the chord for 4 seconds, and - without a break - sing the first 2 measures according to the following scheme: Some hold each quarter-note 4 seconds, others: 6, 8, 10 and 12 seconds. (Divide Sopranos, Alt, Tenors and Basses in 5 in each group)

3. When you get to 'Tod', sustain your note until all are singing their note on 'Tod'.

4. Sopranos begin 2nd phrase, holding the Eb for 4 seconds before alt, tenors and basses enter simultaneously, and everyone sings the 2nd phrase according to the scheme, sustaining your note on 'Ruh' until all are singing their note on 'Ruh'.

5. All begin measure 5 together and sing according to the scheme, holding the final note until all are singing their note on '-de'. The chord will be sustained with the fermata.

6. Scale the dynamics: Begin with pp and increase to forte by measure 5. Then begin a gradual decrescendo, ending the piece in pianissimo. The piece will take approximately 5 minutes.

Officiële bladmuziek Knut Nystedt

Voor de officiële bladmuziek met aanwijzingen van Knut Nystedt in het Noors kunt u naar het volgende adres: Stretta Music, Immortal Bach

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