Advaita - Sri Atmananda (Krishna Menon)

From Atma Darshan

Jivas (individuals), like waves in the sea, come into being, rise and fall, fight each other and die.

Striking against the seashore, waves recede, tired and worn out, seeking rest and peace. Likewise, Jivas seek the Supreme in various ways.

Waves have their birth, life and death in the sea itself, Jivas in the Lord.

Waves are nothing but water. So is the sea. Likewise, the Jiva and the Lord are nothing other than Sat, Chit, and Ananda.

When waves realize that the sea is their common support, all fight ceases.

Much is not gained thereby. This is not the final word. Work lies ahead to remove all sense of separateness.

When water is realised, wave and sea vanish. What appeared as two is thus realised as one.

Water can be reached straightaway from wave by following the direct path. If the way through the sea is taken, much more time is needed.

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