simple meditation

Grounding in the body

When you start to become more grounded in your body, just more here in your body, you start to see how much control the mind has over you, over your body. You start to see how little time you actually spend in your body, here, present.

Each time you move away from here into thinking, you need to bring your attention back to the body. No matter how seductive a thought is, bring your attention back to the rise and the fall of the abdomen with the breath. If you're getting strong sensations in any part of your body, use that to keep you here, to keep you present. Keep coming back…

It's important not to see the mind as the enemy, not to see anything as an enemy, but to understand how it works, how caught up you are in your mind. Rather than blaming your mind, your thoughts, you take responsibility for how you feel.

You need to know that this is possible… It's the most amazing way to live your life. In a way it's not your life any more. It's just life. So you're not happy all the time or blissful all the time, sometimes maybe, but there's this depth every moment, a depth of aliveness that is beyond description.


Linda Clair
from: Simple Meditation - Grounding in the body