In 1977 I started notating themes and melodies. During an intense period, between 1992 en 1996, I realized that the pieces were about discovery and letting go. I recognized patterns and areas where I felt at home or was uneasy. While playing, it was not so difficult to surrender to certain atmospheres and exploring them totally from within.

Later I realized that 'awareness of what is happening now' happened naturally during 'playing'. Now I know that it is the impersonal Being, which is not stuck in circumstances but always free, waiting to be realized… Below are some of the songs I wrote from 1977 and three compositions I really like. If you are interested… mail me. (see contact)

1. Blue Turned into Bright
2. Good Morning Dear
3. Gentle Power
4. Forgive Me
5. How Can I Tell You
6. Water Runs to the Sea

7. You Don't Know What Love Is - Ray and De Paul
8. Nardis - Bill Evans
9. Round Midnight - Thelonious Monk