Meetings and Meditation

These Thursday-morning-meetings/meditations are based on silent sitting in community. The common aspect is Aware Consciousness. Realization of that invalidates the fear of the fictitious me, the me that has to fight for its value.

In the safety of a small group you will be aware of 'the Directness of Being'… The attitude, which clings to standpoints, is recognized as belonging to the false self. Recognition of Being breaks and stops the investing in the false self.


The themes - which are playing in the group at that moment - are also addressed. This happens spontaneously, as a direct response to the need, in simple, concise wordings.

Meeting invites the recognition of the Truth that you are. What sees is not the separate self, but the Light of Now. Truly realizing this, brings relaxation and softening. In Openness misconceptions and habit loose their power over perceiving.

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