Meetings in the Light

In a Meeting there is a gentle invitation to notice the directness of Being… It is explored whether standpoints, in which refuge is taken, are really true. Realization of Wholeness and Life is always possible… especially in allowing grieve, anger or fear.

Maybe you recognize being driven by convictions for a long time, fighting for recognition and space, from an imagined identity. This battle for happiness robbed you from the realization of Wholeness, or the living Light of Consciousness… the Light of your true Nature which is here now.

Questions on Life

Direct Intimacy of the one Life reveals how egoic activity, in pursuit of pleasure, learned to avoid pain… while forgetting freedom. In the open gentleness of 'This here now' there is room for everything, allowing questions on Life to be explored in a calm atmosphere.

Staying open to whatever presents itself is totally safe. The person is recognized as an imaginary source of reactive habits. This relaxes, as does the defense round the self image. 'The hostile world' is an outward projection, from the imagined fearful self.

Waking up from the dream

Meetings are invitations to wake up from the dream of the separate self and recognize the Truth of who you are. What sees is not the separate me, but the Light of Now. Being in tune with that evokes relaxation and softening (selfless activeness of the one Life).

Openness prevents confusion and habit from getting superiority over perception. Fear of losing control evaporates, in recognition of Being and acceptance of what presents itself. The false identity is seen through… Being is Whole and safe.

For the time being, no Meetings are scheduled.

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