Tarot van Nu

In 1993 I designed Tarot cards. The 78 images gave me a reference with which I could clear up a lot of confusion and misunderstandings, in myself as well as in the world around me. This 'going through the cards' was like a vehicle to let go of old convictions and to realize who I really was, am and always will be.

The Star

From this authentic presence it is easy to recognize the patterns of resistance to experiencing everything as it presents itself.

Bringing back the 78 images to their essence taught me that nothing is permanent or static. Everything changes, even the highest truth eventually falls apart as true only at the time it was perceived, and therefore transient.

In this way I discovered - by working with the cards on a daily basis - that even the concept 'Soul' or 'God' in the end evaporates in awareness, in the mystery of consciousness.

A book also came into being. This happened when for every card a neutral description evolved, in which you are not being dominated by suggestions, but are rather invited to experience what is touched inside yourself.

The words in the book are the result of my own discoveries and experiences. However, they appeal to your own intuition, to what is aware as your true self. The book and the cards are still available. They can be ordered through email or a phone call. The set will be send to you after the money is transferred to my bank account.


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