Books like I Am That by Shri Nisargadatta, and Talks with Shri Ramana Maharshi were like a flow of recognition and confirmation. They spoke clearly about subjects that were covered with confusion for a long time.

It was deeply touching to be spoken to directly, to an inner sense of Truth. The confusion fell away in waves of deep feelings of gratitude.

Below is a list of documents which you can download freely. The collection is updated regularly, so check every now and then to see if there's something new for you.


Right-click on the link, choose 'Save taget as…', choose a file for the document.

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'Cmd' and click on the link, choose 'Download linked document as…', choose a file.

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Keep link pressed, choose 'Download link'. → Apps, Filemanager, file 'Download'.

To open and read pdf-documents you need a pdf-reader. A simple and fast reader is Sumatra. You can download it for free: sumatra pdf-reader.

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