Privacy Policy

Here you can read the privacy-policy that is used by healingsite. Also insight is given in the way healingsite handles personal data, e-mailaddresses and sound-recordings.

Personal Data
Healingsite does not collect personal data or reports of development of her clients
Of clients absolutely no information is stored, other than an e-mailaddress, a telephone-number and a house-address, and, if asked for, an audio-recording of the consultation
Your e-mailaddress, telephone-number and house-address are used exclusively for correspondence between you and healingsite
Healingsite does not link personal data to your e-mailaddress
Your e-mailaddress, telephone-number and house-address are in no way given or sold to third parties
At any time you can unsubscribe from the mailing-list in case you subscribed: unsubscribe
Recordings of Consultations
An audio-recording of the consultation will be made if asked for
Recordings of consultations are stored temporarily in a secure file on the server of healingsite
Recordings can be downloaded only by the client by means of a unique link
After two weeks the recordings will be removed from the server
Healingsite does not store recordings of consultations nor are they being saved in any other way
Cookies and Scripts
Healingsite does not store cookies on the device with which you visit this website
Healingsite does not use analyzing- of tracking-software and does not follow your internet behavior
Java-scripts, which healingsite uses sparingly, only serve the navigation of this website and the veiling for spam-bots of the e-mailaddress of this website
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