In 1986 Tarot crossed my path, followed by Runes and Medicine Cards. The one Light pierced through all the confusion. Via the images I discovered that this brilliance is not outside of me, but the one Mystery, aware from the inside, where in and out is one.

The Ground of Stillness revealed Itself, as that one Love to which all the religions point… the open, proportion-less Being was realized. In the symbols and signs I recognized a metaphorical language, bringing insight in human psychology and mythology. I recognized how belief in the separate identity kept attention in a stifling idea of being.

In 1992 insight in the structure of Tarot evolved and I saw that every aspect represents one and the same Totality. There was a spontaneous, direct recognition of the Oneness in dualities. Maybe the texts and symbols can be helpful in awakening to the Light… See also: Tarot.

More symbols and texts followed: a contemporary version of Runes, Animal cards and Inspiration Signs. I discovered a common Ground of non-duality behind all the systems: everything is indivisibly the One without a second…

Essential Tarot:
Tarot, timeless and essential
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A natural way to Wake up
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