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Below you will find a description of some of the words and concepts used in the text of this website.


Impersonal Presence from where a person presents itself to the world. The apparent distance between impersonal and personal is attachment to illusion. In the sense of being this attachment is clarified. The clarification is a process of becoming aware. Consciousness is the creative and intelligent activeness of God. Being is the presence of this Divine miracle. Everything arises from and falls back into Awareness.
Consciousness is No-thing appearing as Every-thing. «

Authentic Language:

Direct expression from inner Silence, while interference of the calculating self-entity is recognized and accepted. Expression of that which evolves through the acceptance of karma, with the use of words, concepts, gestures or art-forms from that clarified past.
Direct awareness of emotions, feelings, thoughts and sensations, directly experienced without an in between personality which criticizes everything from cherished viewpoints.
Direct inspiration from the incomprehensible one Source, where first indirect experience ruled in the form of created thought-forms and emotions coming from viewpoints and denied karma. «


The living Aliveness of the one Being of Awareness, which manifests as That which animates the forms according to an incomprehensible Order, outside which nothing is, where inner and outer are one.
The authentic living Stillness that sees, hears, smells, feels, tastes, cognizes and forms… Life, where birth and death - the forms - come from. The one Being that is Everything. «

Cause and Effect:

This phenomenon belongs to the world of forms. There it is part of an unimaginable whole of inter-connectedness. Nothing is apart from this Whole. Cause and effect are relative, just as the ever changing world. From the one Consciousness everything is inseparable from everything and in essence one and undividable. It is the me-entity holding on to an apparent separate form that thinks in terms of cause and effect.
At the same time one thought can bring into motion countless effects and even war. Reaction is able to evoke totally uncontrollable forces. Insight in this phenomenon evokes a sense of awe, which burns up the separate sense of self, shining a completely different Light on the concept of causality. «


Consciousness looks inside and discovers a center of spaciousness. Everything takes place in this authentic space.
The Spaciousness is recognized as the Stillness that caries all. Center and Space merge in that silence… Being is this aware Stillness. «


Being open. Being innocent and open to the appearance, from the realization that what is aware gives everything the power to be aware, without being dividable. To connect is a phenomenon of distinction, which is complementary to oneness. Oneness and distinction (oneness and multitude) are concepts coming from the thinking mind, which is an appearance of what is neither one nor any.
Being open means to include everything that appears and staying open to what is touched by that inside. This means welcoming all experiences and recognizing what - inside - hinders the realization of truthfulness. Everything is inter-connected… frontiers are mere imaginations. «


Sometimes this concept is a little confusing. What differentiates is the form; there is birth and a life-form starts an apparent unique life. The inner Source is the one Self, which through the form has unique experiences, because being manifests from a physical perspective. Being in Itself isn't differentiated, it is One… undividable, ageless, timeless and not subject to birth or death. «


A concept which can get very powerful through Maya. Diversity is the play of the One in the Many which presents itself as apparent separate forms. Imagination belongs to distinction. Distinction originally is the power to see the difference between Light and shadow, Real and unreal. It was 'grabbed' by the thinking mind which came under the delusion of being separated from the one Self. The world of forms is not different from consciousness. Self sees Self. «


Often discipline is confused with seriousness and directly connected to the mechanism of crime and punishment. This is how people thought for a very long time, with as the starting point a punishing God which will open heaven if there is sufficient achievement and proof of good behavior.
Discipline, here, is like the resting of attention in Awareness. The spacious, silent activeness of that makes aware of what formlessly and namelessly brings forth everything from full Emptiness… from the impersonal Source, from That which Is and watches everything through the form… This to which nothing can be added, from which nothing can be taken. «


- Indirect feelings: the result of ideas about how Life should (not) be, or resistance to now.
- Direct feelings: Open and unburdened spaciousness of Now; intuition interconnects with the senses. «


Form which is given to the sense of being; description of being which dictates the sense of being when belief is given to it. Not just the perception is filtered through it; also the experience, the thinking, the feeling and the functioning of the form in the world and the cosmos.
There is a habit of giving a model of responsibility to an innocent sense of being. This is recognizable for the discriminative mind and seems to give something to hold on to. This process of discriminating is a means to become aware of the one Source from where all identities are being fed and formed.
After the discovery of the one Source identity is no more a separate appearance. Safety and uniqueness is there effortlessly from a realized transparent presence. Particularity expresses in presence, which addressed karma and lived through it. That is the one Being manifesting in the Multitude of Life-forms. «


The power to appeal to the essential, to what can not be imagined… The one Unimaginable that cannot be captured in image, to which all images point. «


Frozen information about the past from where a separate person seems to be active in the world. This imaginary tension propels itself into a long series of incarnations. Karma means action and reaction.
Personal interpretations of karma create belief in cause and effect… in the existence of a separate self, which is the victim of a bad world… in religion that has to bring salvation. The one Being is before birth and death… before time and space. Being rises from silent Stillness. «


The perceiving Light of consciousness. That which unhindered by assumptions shines in itself as aware being. The sparkle of Life which gives everything a sense of being.
From Light personal structures are moulded and given an apparent logos. Belief draws from the Light, through which worlds of thought come into being. Without personalities mingling the Light feeds the natural Logos of the Universe.
The Light happens impersonally. The Light is the one Spirit from where all happenings take place. To appearances power is given, personalities seem to evolve. «


Where past, present and future are recognized as imaginary, where Being arises from and consciousness is the Light that perceives. Now is the timelessness from where everything happens. In Now in and out are one. In Now all forms present themselves as appearances of the one Life. «


The one Consciousness, Brahman. Empty knowingness, from where the sense of being becomes aware of the One Truth which underlies everything. THIS, where Atman, through the Way, discovers: THIS is the One in All that says 'I am', THIS is what I am. «


- Reality: Consciousness in and around everything… in which everything appears.
- Relative Reality: the changing world appearing in consciousness.
- Reality without objects: Mystery in which absolute and temporary are one and distinction absent. «

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