Tarot depicts the journey of a sense of being into itself. The images show archetypal concepts, which evoke insight in the search and in the nature of self. Four elements - fire, air, water and earth - form the basis of the major and minor Arcane. They represent aspects of the undividable great Mystery and cannot be seen apart from each other.

This framework isn't an absolute arrangement, within which Life can be explained or understood. It is a temporary vehicle to gain insight in patterns which disturb the sense of oneness. These patterns are the misconceptions, which in daily life seem to give safety and 'knowledge' to hold on to.

Presumptions lie stored in sub-consciousness as collective incantations. Recognition, in that, of archetypes, clarifies and dismantles how identity alienated from truthfulness. Alienation is imagined. In the acceptance of it, the sense of being is brought back to the Source… to inner wisdom.

Major Arcane:
The main cards, 22 universal laws.

Minor Arcane:
Secondary cards, 56 specific lessons.

Wands - Fire:
Creativity, vitality, enthousiasm, imagination, sexuality, presence.

Cups - Water:
Consciousness, perceiving, feeling, emotions, connected.

Swords - Air:
Distinction, cognizing, clarity, knowing, spacious.

Pentacles - Earth:
Fertility, experiencing, forming, value, actual.

Ingoing, inspiring, aiming, moving.

Enclosing, receiving, open, still.

Connecting, awareness, being, perceiving.