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Tarot as a means to wake up

The timeless Tarot in a contemporary light.

A collection of symbols and words, pointing to your true Nature. This direct Awareness, which is not an object or a thing, can not be captured in image, word or concept. That indescribable Mystery of Love feeds - and is - all that lives and moves…

Earlier texts (Tarot van Nu) reflect the process which allowed me to recognize confusion. The words collected here evolved from June 2008. They represent essential insights, which came after an intense period of de-identification.

My own experience is the basis for the words given to insights and processes. In that sense it's my story… at the same time the words try to point to what is timelessly the one Source abiding in all, and in which all that lives abides.

In essence the words speak of the discovery of that Source and the process of unlearning the tendency to control this mysterious Wonder, allowing the Source to do Its magic.

Still frozen energy and patterns come up. However, they are recognized now. It is seen how behaviour and a sense of being was driven by it. Being is deep and wide. Confusion dissolves much quicker in the Light of the one mind.

In these daily movements Tarot is a wonderful companion. It is like a mirror, making aware of ignorance, confusion, and of this one Mystery that is underneath the sense of I am, always time-less, and appearing as time and space.

frits van der ploeg

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