Intuitive Consulting

Healingsite offers guidance for questions on life, spirituality, relationships and identity, and for people who are waking up to their true Nature. There is also assistance to stabilize this realization, and live a life of freedom.

Recognizing true Nature is waking up from the dream of the separate self. The attitude of isolation and egoic fear changes in being safe and open. Assistance is helpful during the unfolding and practical deepening of Life without the boundaries of the false self.

Wholeness and Openness

Healingsite: space where realization of Wholeness can happen. 'Wholeness' is your true Nature of indivisible Awareness… 'space' is the natural Openness of Being. This truthful and sacred Space is the one Heart where distance does not exist, and attention falls back into Stillness.

Intuitive Consulting brings awareness of what you truly are. Open communication makes aware of Life and Light… here, now. Truthfulness is what shines by Itself, unburdened by circumstances.

Intuitive Perception

I practice Intuitive Consultings since 1993. Broad experience evolved in the field of psychology, intuitive perception and non-duality. This provides, on a ground of inner peace, possibility for deep convictions and feelings to relax.

If you recognize a deep longing for peace - for being home - and have been searching long enough for happiness or better experiences… intuitive consulting offers the possibility to wake up from this search and realize Oneness, Awareness, Being… not as concepts, but as the actual, living Reality.

Frits van der Ploeg

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