Guided Meditation

During a guided meditation it becomes clear how a habit, of ignoring something that was hidden for a long time, came into being. Through guiding awareness inwards, insight evolves.

Consciousness happens without effort, just like seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling. By gently bringing awareness in ignored places, tension and cramp relaxes and is being released.

There is insight in how unconsciously - in ignoring - belief is given to old and frozen experiences. The impact of that on practical reality reveals itself.

The sense of being feels the Ground of Stillness behind awareness. True experience dismantels patterns of seeming incapacity. Being realizes it was never not home.

This direct, intimate sense of consciousness releases viewpoints that keep Life at a 'safe' distance. Exhausting methodes to bring fulfilment and succes transform into presence.

The depth of Life is experienced as completely safe. Seeing vaporizes the alleged dependance of permission and approval from outside. Life is what always happens Now, effortlessly.


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