It is astonishing what grounding can do. The mind calms down, the directness of Being is experienced and there is trust again.

Habitually attention often is caught by a mental activity. The illusion is that through mental activity control can be accomplished. However, the reality is that from the head everything looks more complicated and fear reigns.

Being grounded brings a sense of safety and Stillness, an open Spaciousness. This Openness is not an objective space of infinity, but a most intimate Directness where proportions or distance do not exist.

This sense of quiet, open Being permeates the habits of the mind. Being grounded loosens habits, conditionings and convictions and dissolves them into consciousness.

During a consultation attention is brought back again in the body. You are invited to feel, and be aware of the body, the breathing and your belly. Grounding can be applied everywhere… during a conversation, your work, or when you read a newspaper. Grounding makes you present.


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